Becker-Carroll is a group of information and technical professionals committed to helping clients deliver trusted, high-value digital services.

Our managing partners have been involved in information technology and information management for over twenty years. Their experience spans everything from start-ups to multi-national corporations, and they have seen many approaches to service transformation. Under their direction, we are a growing company making strategic hires and partnerships to support a common-sense approach to successfully transforming simple analogue and online services into fulfilling digital service experiences.  

Our Philosophy

The Beck-Carroll philosophy for developing digital services is that success lies with gaining a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of traditional business relationships:

  • Knowing who you are doing business with; and
  • Having confidence in the information you exchange with clients and business partners.

who we are

advancing digital services through trust and integrity.

our approach

Marry the best practices of digital identity and information management to management consulting and design thinking to connect organizations and people in satisfying, meaningful digital relationships.

  1. Understand your business, your clients, and capabilities.
  2. Develop business and technical plans unique to your circumstances rather than providing a generic solution to problems you do not have.
  3. Develop a strategy to realize your objectives through incremental actions rather than large, risk-prone IT projects.
  4. Assist with IM and technical aspects of implementation. 
  5. Facilitate resourcing, and partnering, particularly for Government of Canada projects.